Zeppelin im Hangar.
Zeppelinhangar von innen.
zwei Zeppeline im Hangar.
Zeppelinhangar von innen.
Length: 1:53

You can take bus line 5 to the Zeppelin Hangar.

Scenic flights in a Zeppelin NT and guided tours of the Hangar.

The Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH combines previous experience from the airship’s heyday with current, high-tech methods. Thanks to this, the 75 m long Zeppelin – which is 2 m longer than the Airbus A380 – flies today across several different routes over Lake Constance, and provides the perfect base for use in science and research.

Information: www.zeppelinflug.de

Wheelchair accessible flights: No
Wheelchair accessible Hangar Tour: Yes