Declaration on Accessibility

The City of Friedrichshafen makes every effort to make its websites and mobile applications accessible to disabled persons in accordance with§ 10 Absatz 1 Landes-Behindertengleichstellungsgesetzes (L-BGG). This declaration on accessibility applies to the version of this website currently accessible on the Internet:

Status of compatibility with the requirements

This website is only partially compatible with § 10 Absatz 1 L-BGG . Not barrier-free content:

  • Integration of maps from Google Maps:
    The Google Maps map integration is not barrier-free. We are currently working on a barrier-free alternative for the presentation of address data listed in Google Maps, some of which is already available.

Preparation of this accessibility statement

This declaration was issued on 19.04.2021. To prepare the declaration, a self-assessment was carried out in accordance with § 4 Absatz 2 L-BGG.
The declaration was last reviewed on 19.04.2021.

Feedback on accessibility and contact

Have you noticed any shortcomings with regard to barrier-free access to the contents of this website? Please let us know by using our contact form. Please describe the possible shortcomings or barriers as precisely as possible in the comment field. We will check your comment and get in touch with you.

You can also contact us by mail or telephone:
City of Friedrichshafen
Communication and Media
Adenauerplatz 1
88045 Friedrichshafen
Phone +49 7541 203-0

Enforcement procedures

In order to ensure that this website meets the requirements described in § 10 Absatz 1 L-BGG, you can contact the city of Friedrichshafen and provide feedback. You will find the relevant contact details further up in this declaration under "Feedback on accessibility and contact".

If the City of Friedrichshafen does not respond to your inquiry within the period of time stipulated in § 8 Satz 1 L-BGG-DVO, you can contact the representative of the state government for the interests of people with disabilities or the municipal representative for the interests of people with disabilities within the framework of the ombudsman function described in § 14 Absatz 2 Satz 2 L-BGG and § 15 Absatz 3 Satz 2 L-BGG .

You can contact the state government commissioner for the affairs of persons with disabilities as follows:
Geschäftsstelle der Landes-Behindertenbeauftragten
Else-Josenhans-Straße 6
70173 Stuttgart
Tel. +49 711 279-3360

You can reach the municipal representative for the interests of people with disabilities in the Lake Constance district as follows:
Behindertenbeauftragte Dorothea Horn
Albrechtstraße 75
88045 Friedrichshafen
Tel. +49 7541 204-5087

Reference is made to the possibility of the right of action by associations under § 12 Absatz 1 Satz 1 Nummer 4 L-BGG.